Q - How do I order from Deliciously Divine?

You should contact me with your requirements.  You can do this by email, facebook, messenger or phone.  All ways to enquire can be found using the contact tab above.  If you have a date, size/portions needed and a rough idea of design then add that you your enquiry.

Q - How long do I need to order in advance?

2 week notice may be possible but ideally at least a month in advance, to secure the date you are after.  Its always worth checking for last minute availability.

Q - How do I know what size cake I need?

Cakes are normally made on a portion size basis.  Some people order extra, so they can have some in the days following an event.  Sometimes you dont need a piece for every person, especially if it will be served along side a dessert table.  Portion numbers are noted on the prices page but do contact me if you are still unsure.



Q - Do I have to order cakes from your gallery?

No. All cakes are bespoke and there are endless possibilities with regards to designs.  Cake in our gallery are there to give you an idea of style and the quality of work only.  

Q - I dont know what I want but need something for a big event, can you help?

I can make a cake from a picture you send, or design somethign from scratch.  We cab discuss hobbies, interests and themes.  You can have a cake that can be beautiful, extravagant, personal,funny or sentimental.  there are ALOT or options, so we will work to narrow this down to the right thing for you.  




Q - How can I pay?

All payments are by bank transfer or by cash.  Confirmation of payment will be sent upon receipt.  Bank details can be sent upon placement of an order.


Q - How much deposit is required?  

Once the order is placed the deposit is required to secure the date.  £100 for wedding and 50% of total value for novelty cakes.  This is non-transferable and non-refundable.


Q - Why do I need to pay a deposit?

The deposit confirms the date for you.  Without a deposit your order is not confirmed and no guarantees can be given on availability of a date until the deposit has been paid.

Q - When do i need to pay the final balanc?

Balances for wedding cakes are due 28 days before the wedding and for novelty cakes 14 days before the event.

Cancelled orders with less than 60 days’ notice are payable in full.




Q - Do you do delivery?

Delivery is available.  Slots are limited and price dependant on the distance needed, so get in touch to check prices and availability. Please note cakes cannot be posted.  Please see out terms and conditions for more on my delivery policy.   

Q- How do I transport a cake that I am collecting?

As you will appreciate that once the cake leaves my kitchen the responsibility then passes to the customer so it is very important to transefer the cake correctly. Please be aware that a flat surface is required to retain the stability of the cake and should be secured where possible to remove the risk of movement in transit.

Passenger seats slope and are not recommended for placing cakes on.  A clean footwell or boot is usual a good place.  Please ask if you are unsure and we can always check your car when you collect.  

All our cakes come in a white cardboard cake box for transporting.


Q -How do I store my cake?

Before cutting - Some cakes can go in the firdge but those with sugare paste (icing) are best left in cool dark place.   When taken out the fidge the sugarpast will get wet from condensation and the moisture could damage the decoration on the cake.  The cake is completely sealed buy its covering before its cut, so the fridge is not neccesarry and can actually dry the cake out quicker.  

After cutting - store the cake in an air tight container.  This may moisten up any icing decoration but will keep the cake moist.  It is recommended to eat a cake withing 2 days of cutting it.



Everything you should need to know about my cakes and how to order.

If you would like to know anything, it is always best to contact us here.

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