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Picking Wedding cake Flavours

My couples often know exactly which flavours they love, but when it comes to choosing cake that their 100 guests will love they can start to feel unsure what will work best.

I get a lot of questions on the theme of flavours so have answered the most popular ones below.

How Many Flavours Can I Have?

1 per tier!! So if you are having 3 tiers, you get 3 flavours. Most couples have a mix so there is a good choice, allowing for all the varying tastes of their guests.

What flavours are the most popular?

Lemon, Raspberry, Vanilla and Chocolate are the most ordered flavours but only just, its pretty evenly spread. People do have really different tastes, so pick a mix but do make sure you have the one you love most. Its your day!

Do I need to choose as soon as I've have my samples?

You don't need to decide now. The samples are initially for reassurance that the cake is good. Take your time to debate the options and confirm when you have decided. The latest would be 6-8 weeks before your wedding.

Can I have chocolate cake in a semi naked finish?

Lots of couples worry about how the dark cake would look showing through the buttercream, when they opt for this finish. It looks great, see the picture here. Choose the flavours you love and dont worry about how it looks as they all work great together.

You will probably find that you still have questions around what size to pick, decorations, how delivery works and more. You can easily book in a zoom call anytime to talk through your wedding cake here or look out for more blog posts answering more of your questions.


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